Punggol HDB under Construction

Punggol HDB BTO project set to be delayed after contractor are being fired

Punggol HDB under Construction

The Punggol Build-to -Order (BTO) HDB main contractor has been sacked for failure to achieve the scheme ‘s targets, Housing Board (HDB) reported yesterday.

This is likely to delay about one year the Sunrise II Waterway scheme. Homeowners preparing to move into their new apartments by mid-2022 can now get their keys in the first or second quarter of 2022.

Lian Ho Lee Construction told HDB on 28 July that because of the project’s difficulties, he would cease operating at the BTO site.

The Straits Times, HDB also confirmed that development was closely tracked in building on the site. The contractor ended its business this month “for failure to carry out its duties effectively.”

Meanwhile, the site protection and environmental protection services such as mosquito breeding prevention are being selected by a contractor.

HDB said the remaining jobs were being done by a new worker on board.

In seven buildings there are 1.014 units, a basement parking lot, and the BTO project was initiated in February 2017. HDB has now said that the housing scheme is about 45% complete.

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